Visa Type

Visas are divided into two categories : short stay visa (also known as “Schengen visa”) and long stay visa. Those two categories are then divided into sub-categories depending on the purpose you are travelling. Each sub-category has different requirements, so do put your application carefully to ensure you apply for the correct visa / have all required documentary evidence.

Short stay visa

Short-stay visa allows the holder to move freely throughout the 26 countries of the Schengen Area for stays totalling a maximum of 90 days in each period of six months. These visas may be issued for one entry or for multiple entries and can be valid for up to 5 years – decision made by the Consulate General upon study of your application.

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Long stay visa

The long stay visa is a national visa that entitles the holder to live in France for more than three months for study, work, family reunion purposes, etc.

As the holder of a long stay French visa, you may move freely throughout the Schengen Area for its entire period of validity.

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Airport transit visa

Should you wish to transit through a French airport without leaving the international zone, you may have to apply for an Airport Transit Visa – this will not allow you entry into French territories. For more information click here

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