French Consulate hosts Saudi designer

The French Consul General Louis Blin welcomed the guests and introduced Jeddah-based Al-Bishri and his wide range of designs, including his most memorable design for the late Princess Diana.

The exhibition focuses on Al-Bishri’s career as a top fashion designer.
His career, spanning two decades, has inspired fashion shows in many countries across the globe including France, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, USA, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. Many of these high profile shows have been attended by heads of state and royalty.

Al-Bishri expressed his thanks and appreciation to the French consul and his wife, adding that he was proud to exhibit his work mostly in Paris, known as the capital city of fashion. He said he was the first Arab designer to formally obtain membership of the Fashion Week held every year in Paris.

Saudi Gazette

Dernière modification : 27/01/2015

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