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Dedicated to international, academic and scientific mobility, Campus France Agency is under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Campus France aims to promote French higher education in the world and offers students advice and orientation that will allow them to pursue higher education in France.
It also accompanies students through the process of obtaining a visa and along their stay in France.

Campus France in Jeddah was established in January 1st, 2011, on the premises of the General Consulate of France, under the direct authority of the Attaché for Cooperation and cultural Action.

Campus France answers any and all questions that go through students’ minds after having finished their secondary education and wishing to go to France for higher education.

The surest way to have successful studies in France is to let Campus France help you choose your program, look for financial assistance and prepare your stay.

Each year, many students resident in Jeddah, including graduates from French high school, of all nationalities, about 300, leave to pursue their university studies in France. France is proud to receive them and make them want to continue to benefit from the excellent training offered by the French educational system.

Concerning Saudis and residents in Saudi Arabia who want to study in France from the opening of the Campus France in Jeddah, Campus France will be their contact for their studies in France.

The creation of Campus France is part of the policy pursued by the French government to increase the attractiveness of France to foreign students. This new service will allow a simplification of administrative procedures by offering, through its website in particular, dynamic and interactive tools, where you can find all the information needed to design and to complete your studies.

The site of Campus France is updated regularly. We hope you will enjoy browsing it and attend to welcome you on our site regularly.

A site specifically created for Saudi Arabians is under construction in Arabic in order to reflect our desire to offer quality service, ensuring the academic success of Saudi students in France.

We hope providing you the most powerful tool in the most effective way possible.

Services and tools

CampusFrance’s ambitious program of international events (fairs, forums, thematic visits, university tours) reaches an average of 160,000 visitors each year. The program is planned well in advance, geographically and strategically, in cooperation with the agency’s supervising ministries as well as higher education institutions and associations.
In addition to major international events (annual bilateral exchanges, international fairs and expos, and major commemorative occasions) and the recurrent events in which CampusFrance participates, the agency has been experimenting new forms of promotion. Among the successful new formats are thematic missions, closely targeted institutional meetings, and structured visits from foreign university presidents.

International programs

CampusFrance responds to international requests for proposals, usually in consortia with higher education institutions or Major European promotional agencies with which it works closely. CampusFrance is participating in several projects funded by the European Commission, like projects to promote European higher education, knowledge transfer, and interuniversity cooperation.

Within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Action 3 program (financed by the European Commission), CampusFrance coordinates the PromoDoc project, aiming to promote doctoral study in industrialized countries outside Europe. CampusFrance leads an international consortium made up of DAAD (Germany), Nuffic (The Netherlands), the British Council, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (Eurodoc) and the Institute of International Education (United States).

CampusFrance is also participating in several European projects financed by the European Commission: IMPI (Indicators for Mapping and Profiling Internationalisation), Eurodata II (Study on mobility developments in higher education) and EACOVIROE.

CampusFrance offices around the world

CampusFrance operates 117 offices and 24 branches in 89 countries. In France, a CampusFrance representative is integrated in every higher education and research cluster in France.

The main goal of CampusFrance’s offices abroad, called "Espaces," is to coordinate services for international students interested in studying in France, from the initial gathering of information right up to the point of preliminary enrolment.
Aside from helping Paris’ CampusFrance’s staff in organizing major events in host countries, the Espaces promote French higher education within local institutions.
Operating with a staff trained by the agency in close collaboration with educational associations and the agency’s supervising ministries, the Espaces welcome prospective students and guides them as they explore their options for study in France. The Espaces’ staff helps students identify suitable programs and comply with visa regulations and other administrative requirements that must be taken care of prior to their arrival in France.
In 30 countries an online system allows students to apply for a visa while applying for an admission to a program.
The Espaces employ more than 250 people around the world.
In anticipation of the opening of CampusFrance Espaces in the regions of France, the agency has embedded a representative in each of France’s higher education and research clusters, which are known as PRES.

Choose France!

- For the quality of its system of higher education
- For the international flavor of the country’s higher education system
- For the country’s renowned "art de vivre"

French successes in manufacturing, technology, and science (space, transportation, medicine, mathematics), and the number of Nobel prizes and Field medals that French citizens bring home, demonstrate that it is one of the world’s most dynamic centres of innovation and research.
In France, higher education programs are grounded in accredited research laboratories or the knowledge of seasoned professionals: whatever is your field of study, you will always be in contact with renowned experts.


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- French embassy in Riyad : tel. 01 4344100
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- French Consulate in Jeddah, tel. 012 6681550
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